April 2017

It has been about eight weeks since we have had a new President. The main stream still has not gotten over the shock of Hillary losing and Trump becoming President. It is incredible how the main stream media is so biased against Trump. I just heard a poll that Trump has a higher approval rating than Congress and the media! Obama was treated much better by the media. But, ironically, the Democrats could have had the White House and maybe even the Senate if elements of the party did not rig the primaries. The Democrats, before any primary vote was case, gave Hillary Clinton 25% of the delegates needed to win nomination in the form of super delegates. They were all assuming that Hillary would be the nominee. As late as November 2015, she had no competition. The only person on the radar at just 3% was some off beat guy named Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont.

The left wing of the Democrat Party just did not comprehend that they had a flawed candidate. They just did not want to believe the truth. But, the rank and file Democrats were electrified about Bernie and he really gave her a run for her money. If Bernie had won the election, it is my opinion that he would have crushed Trump in the general election, and the Democrats may have taken control of the Senate. However, as we all know, the opposite happened. And let me add that personally, I always prefer when the political parties have to share the power of government. Either they cooperate, or nothing gets accomplished. And by the way, when government does not accomplish anything that may not be so bad. Just look how screwed up things are in our country.

The reality is that Trump is the President and it would behoove all of us if he does well. I think we should give him a chance and monitor how things develop. But there are some people, Democrats and the media, that are absolutely going nuts against Trump. There definitely is FAKE NEWS and exaggeration. I personally no longer trust the main stream media.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration has buried this country in an avalanche of debt. Under that dummy, the debt rose from EIGHT TRILLION DOLLARS to NINETEEN TRILLION DOLLARS! And the Democrats think he was so great. He was a disaster! He left this country in worse shape than when he arrived. And he was a disgrace to leave such a large burden to us, our children, and our grandchildren. And let's not forget that the national debt is growing faster than the GDP! If this continues, there is no good outcome!

But then again, nobody asked me.

~ Malcolm


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